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Folk Culture

The students of Rukmain Birla Modern High School celebrated International Dance day on 29th April 2015. The students were introduced to the African Folk Culture through the activity "Folk Culture" organised by British Council under the International School Award . They were connected to Slavation College of Uganda. They performed Rajasthani folk dance Kalbali as well as African folk dance.

They also sang an African song and the students in Uganda sang a Rajasthani folk song. The students also put up an art and craft exhibition of African and Indian culture.

This activity proved to be very fruitful for the students and both the schools were glad to know the other country's folk culture.

What's the Score

Indigenous games, in today's world are only known to a handful of people and their culture is gradually declining. But the students and teachers of Rukmani Birla Modern High School proves this wrong bt conducting the famous Indian sport "Gilli-Danda" and Baseball.

The students of class IX under the British council project of International School Awards participated in the games. Initially they were taught the basic rules of the games and were given a demonstration by their teachers. Then they were divided into teams according to their houses. Then the games started and proved to be one full of precision and timing. Boys and girls enthusiastically played the games and gave a remarkable performance.

Principal ma'am and Mr. Manish Tyagi the special guest appreciated the effort of the students and such activities promote teamwork and motivation among students.

What's the Score

It was an amazing sight when students of Rukmani Birla Modern High School of VIII standard participated in an activity called 'What's your Score'. In this activity students exhibited their innovation and creativity by preparing posters on Indian local sports stars and American local sports stars.

This activity made it possible for the students to look at the popularity of sports in India and America. They prepared colourful posters which were appreciated by all. The students got a much needed exposure about the sportsperson's life of India and America.

Global Aspects of Monetary System

Economy of a nation is essential for its development and prosperity. This statement was proved right when the students of Rukmani Birla Modern High School students of class XI and XII researched on the economy of India of India, Germany and Japan. The students after finding out about the differences and similarities in the banking systems of these nations made power point presentation to exhibit their knowledge.

Along with the power point presentation there was a coin exhibition, where students exhibited coins from various countries to the visitors and teachers

GWebsite Coverage

An international approach towards inculcating patriotism among the students of class X was taken under the ISA affiliated to the British Council. The project saw great coordination and cooperation from students where in they displayed various collages and posters prepared on the freedom struggle for independence in India and France. The social, political and economic scenarios and their impacts on the society were displayed through incredible collages prepared by the student. The creative efforts were showcased to the teachers, parents and visitors on the day of the exhibition who were stunned to see the hard work and innovation of ideas. The global prospect was achieved as the students were able to broaden their vision regarding the sacrifices made by their freedom fighters.

A Day in my Life

An activity to understand the cultural similarities and differences in the daily routine of the peers across the globe was undertaken under the association of International School Awards (ISA) by the school. The students thoroughly enjoyed this task where by they learnt about the various life experiences and hobbies of their friends in the different parts of the world.

Another activity was initiated as an effort to inculcate respect and understanding for the cultures prevailing in France. For the same, a cultural box was exchanged between the two countries India and France which had small cultural souvenirs, folk art and Daily routine Utilities from both the countries. the rich and the diverse heritage of India was displayed through the distinguished items sent fromhere like traditional attire called "Saari", diyas, indigenous blue pottery hangings and a traditional Indian teddy bear 'Raman'. The cultural box from France contained various objects from their country like the French flag, seasonal acorns, a France map puzzle, some handwritten letters and their French teddy bear 'Marcel'. The items were exhibited by the teacher incharges explaining the students about the significance of the various objects sent. The children were mesmerized to see and learn about the things they had received and wrote essays on the same.

Math in Architecture

It was a feast for the mind and eyes at RBMHS on 18th Oct �14 when the students exhibited their models based on QutubMinar and Big Ben in association to International School Awards (ISA).

ISA is a badge of honor for the students that have done outstanding work in international education. This program helped to enhance the knowledge of the students. The topic covered by the school was Math in Architecture. The parents gave their remarkable and encouraging feedbacks on the basis of the demonstration of the models. Powerpoint Presentations were also made by the students which was displayed in the Multimedia Lab of the school. Photos were clicked and all the file work was done under the guidance of the esteemed teachers MrsDeepika Jain, MrsAnupamaGangwal, MrsReshmi G. Pillai and MrsAnuradhaChaturvedi.

Traditional dolls around the world

A project to explore the facts and the type of traditional dressing of the different types of dolls in the different countries and understand the similarities and the differences named Traditional Dolls around the World was organized in the RBMHS campus for classes II and III under the association of the International School Awards (ISA).

The students of class II participated in the activity conducted on dressing up of the dolls from countries like India, UK, Russia and France. They were guided by their teacher incharges to perform the same. The diff techniques of designing and attiring the dolls were taught to being out innovative and appealing pieces of creative art. Also, the school received a traditional doll from France as a specimen for the activity. The students of class III researched on the different types of dolls and prepared individual scrapbooks which depicted the origin and stories behind the traditional dolls from the different countries. The efforts were appreciated by both parents and teachers at the exhibition organized by the school to display the work of the students. The activity ended on a good note as the students were able to grasp the motive of the project like learning about the costumes of the different countries through traditional dolls, learning how to dress and make dolls of different countries and to explore and research about the stories behind the dolls.

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