To ensure ongoing progress without anxiety and fear of failure, round the year holistic assessment of the individual is done using a variety of tools, including formal examination from Class VI. The assessment covers both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects of pupil growth including health status, personal and social qualities, interest, attitudes and values, proficiency in co-curricular activities and academic competence.

There is no formal examination from Play Group to Class V. For promotion to the next class, the assessment is based on the work and progress of the pupil during the year.

Class VI onwards will have formal examination


Assessment – I Assessment – II Assessment – III Assessment -IV
Nursery - - - -
KG - - - -
I July October January March
II July October January March
III July October January March
IV July October January March
V July October January March

Students progress will be monitored through Subject Enrichment Activities (SEA) before every assessment as per table above . A student will only be marked for Assessment /SEA that he/she has attended as per schedule


Wef- Session 2017-18 (As per CBSE Guidelines)

Classes VI to VIII

1. Scholastic Area- As per CBSE guidelines, the assessment structure and examination for classes VI to VIII comprises of two terms i.e. Term – 1 and Term-2 as explained below:

Assessment – I Assessment – II
KG - -
III July October

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